Advise on Microscope

Fergus McClelland redux at perdrix.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 29 16:08:18 EST 1997

"Lee Lane" <nfn05553 at gator.naples.net> wrote:

> Please note that in reviewing the preceding messages, I've found several
>instances of someone explaining something which perhaps they don't
>understand.  Please consult appropriate references.
>Lee Lane, CLS(NCA), MT(ASCP)

If you mean me, perhaps it would have been better to explain where I
was going wrong? 

Mainly, I was replying to a request about where to buy a microscope,
using an old post from another group in reply to someone who knew
nothing and had been given confused

"CLS(NCA), MT(ASCP)" means nothing to me.


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