Pre-reduced media preparation

Nisha Singh nisha at einstein.ntech.ac.za
Tue Jul 29 16:27:15 EST 1997

We are seeking assistance in the preparation of pre-reduced media for the 
cultivation of anaerobic bacteria.  We are using the preparation methods 
of Holdemann et al., Anaerobic Laboratory Manual, 4th edn.  (1977).  We 
have found that the indicator (resazurin) does not undergo a colour 
change after boiling, as recorded in the manual, ie. from purple to 
colourless in 5-10 min.  In our experiments the indicator changes from 
purple to pink in 20 min and does not change to colourless, even after 
prolonged boiling.  After cysteine hydrochloride addition and 
autoclaving, the indicator in the media changed from colourless to purple 
even when placed in an anaerobic chamber. Cooling the media under 
nitrogen gas after boiling has also been unsuccessful. Is anyone able to 
help us? Thank you  

Loren Goldstone and Kimoni Rampersad
Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa
E-mail: research at einstein.ntech.ac.za

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