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my thoughts on homosexuality

I recently posted on of my essays to news groups entitled: 
"hidden strength - the will to power in people with disabilities".
In this article (which you might read for reference before reading this
one) I essentially explained that although we as Aryan cultures and an 
Aryan race should obviously not -seek- to promote the birth of people with
disabilities, their existence in the world is actually a positive thing
and in many ways they are stronger than the rest of us and provide a
useful example of the Aryan Will To Power. In response to this, an Aryan 
afflicted with homosexuality, replied whether I would consider his 
disability a disability, and whether he would fall into the category of 
'hidden strength '.  The following essay should shed some light on my ideas
about this.

Part One:
"Homosexuality the biological disease vs Homosexuality the jew inspired social 

homosexuality the jew inspired social disease:

Homosexuals often prefer to be called 'Gay' and this is where the line is
drawn between the biological aspect of homosexuality and the social

What does the word 'Gay' imply?  
It implies that one is happy with a frivolous kind of joy - I think the 
term might have originally come from the tendency of male homosexuals to 
be effeminate - one of these characteristics being: a false yet frivolous
display happiness (incidently this is totally different from smiling in 
the face of adversity which is a Nordic trait). 

Why is there such as stress on the word 'Gay'?
There is a stress on the word 'Gay' because homosexuals want to feel good
about themselves and they have been mislead by jews in the early
homosexual activist movement that the way to feel happy about oneself is
to pretend that the problem isn't there, or even more so, to pretend that
the problem is not a problem but is in fact a blessing (this is true
jewish juggling at it's best).  Out of this mind set was born the modern
day homosexual -- and although they love to drone how homosexuals have
existed for ever and Will exist for all time (they gleefully
cheer/threaten) - the simple fact is that homosexuality of this type 
did not exist before the 20th century (on a large scale) and 
after the 'sexual revolution ' 1960's, social homosexuality increased 
exponentially.  Oh and they, like the jew who is caught in a lie, 
will never admit this - they will point to the bisexuals of decaying
and decadent eras ancient Greece and Rome (and this was only documented
of the decadent aristocrats not of the general populace). Although it is 
possible that homosexuality existed in earlier times, it was not viewed 
in the same way as being 'gay' is today - and in any case, two wrongs 
don't make a right!

It's already been proven that homosexuality is genetic, and thus there
will be a cure for it one day. However if nothing else, the fact that the
early modern day homosexuals where mostly jews (who took the leader 
positions in the activist movements) and Aryans, and not other races as
much clearly shows a social aspect to this as well.  There --were--
negroidian homosexuals in 1972 but we did not see them because at that
time they were mostly biological homosexuals not social homosexuals.
A genetic time-bomb did not just mysteriously materialize out of the 
air in the past 10-15 years to give for our modern day 'rainbow coalition
of homosexual activists '.

I strongly believe that about 30% (or maybe even more) of homosexuals
today are purely 'social gays ' and are --not-- biologically homosexual.  I
hold this belief especially of the so called 'lesbians' or female
homosexuals.  Incidently there is a huge difference between male and
female homosexuals but I'll get into that later.  

Biological homosexuals:
These are the ones born with genetic traits that make them homosexuals
-because they cannot be any other way! - even if there was not a huge 
jewish effort to make homosexuality 'cool' these people would still feel
sexuality aroused by the same sex and sexually repulsed by the opposite sex.
Of this type I guess that maybe 30% of homosexuals are of this type.  The
remaining lot are really bisexuals who switch back and force either
mentally or physically, between feeling an attraction for one sex or the 

Part Two:
What is wrong with biological homosexuality & homosexuality the jew 
inspired social disease:

Well biological homosexuality falls into the same group as other diseases,
it is a sad ailment but certainly we shouldn't persecute these people
but rather seek to help them much as we should not persecute alcoholics
but help them - even if that help must be stern.  If we were not being
threatened with global annihilation by the jew world order, I am totally 
confident that we would have had a cure for this long ago already via
gene therapy and selective breeding.  These are our brothers and sisters
and we need to help them and give them support in dealing with this
terrible disease.

And now we come to that dark arena were the jews lurk: homosexuality
the jew-inspired social disease . . . These are people who walk around
in parades with pink triangles and red ribbons etc saying essentially
'fuck you ' heterosexual white men - you are scum and we are going to 
bully you around.  We are going to be in your face and harass you, we
are going to promote homosexuality the social phenomena to you and your
children, and because we think being gay is great we are going to try to
convert as many people as possible - so that all people who are having
any temporary social trouble with the opposite sex are potential
candidates for our movement.  We are going to harass and flirt with you
in public just to mock and insult you.  The highest embodiment of evil
is the heterosexual white male - and we want to rid the earth of  these 

Now of course, this is an example of the jew phenomena in it's purest
form - and naturally the herds of sheep that follow it do not always spout
it in it's purest form - in particular those sheep which are themselves
white males.  There is also a large segment of this population that merely
wants to be left alone and live in their 'communities' - which is as
bad until they bring children into the picture.  And thus we come to a the
next section - lesbianism.

Lesbianism is really a subsection of homosexuality the jew-inspired social
disease.  I devote a separate section because it is very different from
the male social phenomena.  It is also in fact far more evil.  It is more
evil simply because when have the 'loaded gun ' of having the power to
breed - of having the power to bring children into the murky world of
jew-inspired social homosexuality.  Also the mind set of lesbians is far
more hostile to the Heterosexual Aryan Male than is the male homosexual.
And again, the reason why a woman becomes a lesbian is often different 
than why a man becomes 'gay'.  As with male homosexuality, there are
actually some women who are simply genetically inclined towards
homosexuality or bisexuality - and incidently bisexuality amongst women 
has been considered socially acceptable if not even encouraged, for a very
long time.

Part three: 
lesbianism - the female aspect of homosexuality the jew-inspired social 

Why do women become lesbians?
Firstly, I think that the majority of lesbians have little genetic
inclination towards the same sex, but rather it is purely social.  One
reason why women become lesbians is because they cannot 'relate' to men 
socially.  They feel more 'close' with another woman, and they can't stand
the thought of being dominated by a man. Thanks to the jewish debasing of
traditional female roles, in which a housewife or being a woman is
equivalent to being a lazy harlot (in their minds) women feel
uncomfortable being women - essentially they want to be men (socially).
Also it is quite natural that since the ultimate embodiment of evil 
(in the jew world order) is the White Man, what woman could tolerate being
with a white man? how could she possibly like this 'vile creature '?
So i think that most lesbians are lesbians not for sexual reasons but
rather for social reasons.  They don't want to feel 'subordinate' to a man
especially to a White Man.  The great tragedy is that most of these women
view the traditional place of a woman as somehow 'inferior' to that of a
man. In truth though, a woman should provide the foundation for which a
man can become great on.  It is far easier for a man to reach great
heights with a woman to stand on (lean on). and here we come into a
conflict of ideas... in our jew-run society we no longer view
self-sacrifice and subordination as something to be respected or as
something of strength - we view it rather as weakness, and as stupidity.
	But to say that self-sacrifice, that subordination is somehow lesser is 
a total lie.  Adolf Hitler himself was the living embodiment of Aryan
self sacrifice and yes even of subordination.  I myself try to embody
these qualities as well.  I have written essay after essay trying to
spread the word, and I don't give a hoot about getting paid or being 
published or even becoming famous.  Also I have promised myself that I
will not breed because of my physically generative traits - I will make
the sacrifice of not breeding in order to adopt a eugenically created 
Nordic Super Child.  And this thing that I seek to do is not inglorious at
all but rather of great merit - I would strongly suggest that people
take a look at the women in the paintings of Winslow Homer the American
painter - they convey the message I'm trying to portray of women and their
traditional roles -- these women are Aryan Super Women, and to be
the 'foundation' for a man to stand up on is in --no way-- inglorious.
We need to start glorifying these 'subordinate' roles a lot more.
	Now this is not to say that we should condemn women who simply function
better in a man's role - but like other deviations --it should not be
encouraged-- why? because we have been genetically designed over 1000's
of years to assume our natural places - and like in the concept of Taoism,
where we must 'go with the way ' or the 'flow of things ' so too must
women stop trying to deny the natural order of existence.

PART 3.5 - lesbians and innocent children

What makes lesbianism so much more diabolical than gayness?
Well firstly, there is a much higher percentage of lesbians that simply
hate men than there are gays who hate women.  Hating the white man
is part of what defines many lesbians. Also since the primary motivator
behind lesbianism is a false sense of empowerment or viewing traditional
female roles as weak and wanting male roles, these women are also upset
that they have no power to create life without the dreaded human male.
Thus it is precisely these types of people who --want-- single parent
homes and who feel that two women can raise a child just as well as 
the time-proven biologically created structure of the traditional
male/female household.

This is what happens: 
Since these petty lesbians are constantly struggling for male power, they
often argue amongst each other and there is a lot of petty squabbling -
after all in a relationship, even a homosexual one, nature demands that
one assumes the foundation position (female) and the other assumes
the mast-head position (male).  Since both of the lesbians often want
the mast-head position this naturally ensues to conflict - much like 
conflict among a heterosexual couple where the woman views her roles
as inferior - and after a few years there is a divorce. But so far the 
trammels of lesbian parentage have shown no different than the trammels 
of heterosexual parentage, and it should also be noted that there are a
lot of lesbians whom although they feel uncomfortable being in a female
role with a male - they do not mind being 'submissive' to another woman -
that's ok - as long as it's another 'sister' it's not demeaning to be
'submissive'.  Now the point of me mentioning this particular problem,
even though the female dissatisfaction with her roles occurs in
heterosexual relationships as well, is because it is far more frequent
in lesbian relationships - and you can imagine how bad that is since this
is a -huge- problem amongst heterosexual parents today.

The definitive problem of lesbian parentage comes in the development of
the psyche of the children. In particular of male children raised by these
human pestilences.

Often the male child of these lesbians is taught (unconsciously) to be 
submissive, and essentially to not acquire all the traits that the
lesbians hate so much in the white male - essentially they teach this
child not to be male.  Sometimes this will lead to the child becoming
homosexual himself later, but more often the child will remain
heterosexual (possibly proving that his parents are not genetic
homosexuals) but rather will have many feminine social characteristics
and will have difficulty assuming the male role - there is no need to 
elaborate further as i'm sure you can think up of the myriad of
possibilities of obstacles that can arise in the life of a boy raised in
this way.

The female lesbian child is better off since her lesbian parents don't
have this innate hostility and rejection of her sex.  Still however,
because it is often hard to accept that our parents are simply bad people,
this child will probably become an adult who feels that there is nothing
wrong with homosexuality the jew-inspired social disease - that there
is nothing wrong with lesbians being parents.  After all she grew up to be
a healthy adult didn't she?  (she has no mental reference of what it would
be like growing up in a healthy heterosexual home, so she says this).

cultish traits of homosexuality the jew-inspired social disease:

We all know that the way cults operate is to first separate that person
from their peers, erase their past, and then replace it with a new
family of circle of ideas etc - homosexuality the jew-inspired social 
disease, works in this way too.

It is very common, in fact it is almost the norm for homosexuals
(male/female) to be isolated from their families.  But the reason for this
is not an effort by other homosexuals to separate them but rather because
they have been instilled with the idea of 'gay-pride ' which is actually
a bunch of hot air - and nothing more than the glorification of weakness.
While the parents of these people often seek to help and understand their
children, the homosexuals themselves become angered with their parents
because their parents do not take part in the glorification of vices and
the whole philosophy behind homosexuality the jew-inspired social disease
(in some cases they do but in most cases they don't).  Thus the budding
social-homosexual isolates himself from his peers and family and often 
relocates entirely to an inner city or sometimes a rural gay/lesbian
area.  In this kind of environment there is little hope that they will
ever become heterosexual again, and it's sad because as I said before,
most of these people are --not-- genetically homosexual.  Once they are
in these 'communities' they have the upper hand and they --actively
persecute any unhappy Heterosexual Aryan who is unfortunate enough to be
stuck living next to them - as I happen to be.  I live in a neighborhood
that borders on a great homosexual enclave and I have been absolutely
unable to find any non-lesbian women in my area - I always have to drive
a long distance to get a date.  What is more, I have to endure the
constant 'ill-will ' directed towards me via angry glances etc since I
appear as a heterosexual white man - evil incarnate.

PART 5: Proper behavior towards biological homosexuals and people afflicted
with homosexuality the jew-inspired social disease (ie: gays and lesbians)

The biological homosexuals who stay in the closet and make an active
effort to get help are not to be persecuted.  Since it's impossible to 
determine whether a homosexual walking down the street is of this type or
of the jew-inspired type, I suggest waiting to view the persons actions
as they surely will reveal him to be one or the other.

gays and lesbians on the other hand (homosexuals the jew-inspired social 
disease) are nothing more than centers of pestilence, who seek to spread
their filth as much as possible.  You'll recognize them because they
flaunt their disease to the world and will act offensively towards you
either via flirtation or angry glares etc - Yet even with these faggots
(as I feel is an appropriately derogative term for them) we must remember
that an Aryan faggot, because he is still genetically an Aryan, is infused
with that unique thing called THE GLORIOUS ARYAN WILL TO POWER and even
if it is dormant it always has the possibility coming out one day - thus
one should never eternally condemn even faggots because in truth it
is because of a conscious destructive effort by jews that they are that
way - so despite their arrogance and their great sins, they are our
brothers and sisters and we should remember that they are merely tools
which one can find a jew hiding behind of pulling their strings.

Incidently, even though I consider a jewish homosexual the lowest type of
filth within the homosexual realm - I do -not- support arguing or
harassing them - simply because it is actually a benefit to the Aryan race
for there to be more and more jewish faggots.  In fact if all jews where
faggots and homosexuals they would in the end destroy themselves much more
quickly and they would do it without destroying us (if we separated
ourselves from them) - as it is now the heterosexual jew will in the end
devour himself but alas we will be destroyed first - the parasite will
kill the host and then when it runs out of hosts to infests - it
cannibalizes itself.  So on the contrary, homosexuality amongst jews is
actually something to support. 

And finally as a side note - although it really is irrelevant to Aryans,
the existence of negroidian and other non-white gentile homosexuals and
faggots is really nothing to be concerned about from our standpoint.  I 
don't suggest persecuting them unless they start to make aggressive
advances towards us - such as infesting our neighborhoods with their
presence. Let them live in their own areas - and let our children not
have to ever have any social contact with these freaks except as to 
occasionally visit their areas to see what degeneracy means.

appended on 4/2/97
However it should be noted with do respect to some of these homosexuals,
that there is a category of them that became so as a result of child 
molestation.  Often females who were molested by adult males as children,
grow up to be female-homosexuals.  In this scenario they are not
biologically homosexual but rather are projecting their antagonisms
towards that one adult male assailant towards all adult males.  These
types are more common than we think and although pitiful, under the
tutelage of j*wish anti-gentile social thought, they are directed to
cause more harm unto others and especially white heterosexual gentile 
society.  It's ironic to note that much of the sexual tastes cultivated
amongst adult gentile males by the j*wish media causes adult males to 
desire younger looking females - which in some cases can turn aberrant
in the direction of female children. This in combination with the general
air of naivete amongst adult gentiles causes some adults (in this case)
to actually imagine that sexual acts with minors is somehow
non-detrimental if it is done 'nicely'.  Naturally, Nordic common sense
reminds us that children, although not totally devoid of sexual feelings
would feel awkward about being coerced into sex with adults and certainly
in the case of a young female child, a physically painful experience as
well.  Another key concept as to why child molestation happens is a key
term - selfishness.  In today's age of self gratification at the expense
of others the concept of 'using' someone for sex fits in nicely to the 
j*wish plan to destroy the Gentile Family Unit. 


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