the SINISTER plan a group of powerful jews and their gentile servants will use to maintain power and suppress other groups especially Heterosexual white genile men!

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> this just popped into my head as i was almost asleep.. so i forced
> myself awake to write it down..
> THE FUTURE: aka a war of ideas
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> As i see the jews using biotechnology to racially improve themselves
> (not to mention their continuing to interbreed with blond aryan women),
> i see that the question will less and less be a problem of jewish
> inherent genetic evil as it will be socialized evil or the spreading
> of a bad culture.
> I say this because as time progresses there will be less an less difference
> (genetically) between a real Aryan (in particular a Nordic aryan) and
>  a non-semitic khazar (and following them, the semitic jews).  Now
>  the fact that they will continue to strive to improve their blood is
> evident by their preference in women (and vice versa in their women's choice
> in men).
> For one to think that simply because the jews will reach a point when
> they are essentially Aryan (genetically speaking) that  suddenly they
> will strive for Aryan goodness is dangerously faulty.  This is simply
> because the initial striving by jews to change racially into aryans will
> be based primarily on physical features not on those parts of the
> aryan which can't be seen in his physical appearance such as his
> generosity and good will.  Yet again another reason why the
> 'Aryanization' of the khazars and the jews will NOT lead to a better world
> simply because Aryan Goodness stems from more than just Aryan Genes but
> also from Aryan Culture.  We've all seen and met both good and bad members
> of other groups - even of the Aryan group -- thus it should be quite
> evident that a Biological Aryan can be influenced into evil by various
> environmental elements -- one being culture and ideas.
> And so I see the future being a war of aryan IDEAS vs. jewish IDEAS rather
> than Aryan Genes vs. jewish Genes - since by then the jews will essentially
> be aryan genetically (and it may turn out to be that the current aryan race
> may no longer be aryans in the future as a result of bastardization - and
> if this does occur it will be interesting to see if the bastardized
> former aryans still uphold aryan ideals  . . .).
> But on a hopeful note, let's assume that the original Aryan race exists in
> the future, but that opposing it is now a new group of 'jews' who are
> actually aryans themselves (as a result of biotechnology and years of
> inter and selective breeding). In this scenario (which I think will be
> the case of the future) the primary struggle --against-- the jews
> will be one of IDEAS. No longer will a jew actually -look-  jewish
> only by their actions would we be able to tell (and actually there are
> many jews like this today).
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Again, this is what i see for the future, and it will also be true that
> there will be many bad people who will NOT be of the jewish culture but
> because of their personalities , will either work hand in hand with these
> new aryan jews, or in some way adopt various jewish cultural traits
> without actually converting to that religion/culture.  Now again, we
> actually CAN see examples of this today, but only on a small scale,
> and primarily in big cities within the corporate world.. a more famous
> example of this might be the sell out 'ted turner ' but of course
> there are legions of non-jews who are no better than thugs who are
> very successful in the jewish nirvana - take for example the large
> minority of non-jews in wall street who are just as crooked and slimey
> as their more powerful jewish counterparts.
> If it becomes the case that there really is no racial difference between
> the jews and the original aryans, or even if the jews actually end up
> surpassing the original aryans in genetic quality and intelligence (this is
> their ultimate goal - to become genetically superior to the aryan whom
> they envy and despise as well as racially destroy the aryan and enslave him),
> then the following set of rules will apply:
> 1) Firstly, some may begin to say .. 'since there is no genetic difference
> between a 'jew' and an aryan, maybe it would be a good thing to convert
> them from their religion/culture and attempt to eliminate their culture
> rather than actually attempt to prevent their genes from continuing, since
> they will in effect be aryans...'
> Well my argument against this is the following:  although they will
> be aryans genetically, i do believe that prolonged generational enactment
> of foul deeds does become genetically engrained, thus although they
> may be aryan in intelligence, and even physical racial features,
> they will not in fact be true aryans since being a true aryan also implies
> that the human being has genes for goodness and thus we can conclude that
> these new breed of jew or 'aryan-jew ' is in fact not truly the same
> as a real aryan although with our physical eyes it would be impossible to tell
> and also by this token, those true aryans who are simply bad people would
> be indistinguishable from jews (and the only true difference between a bad
> true-aryan and a bad jew-aryan would be that with the jew that badness
> has been ingrained for thousands of years, and it has been institutionalized
> into their belief system whereas the bad true-aryan is merely a temporary
> transgressor from his true state).
> so to conclude, rule #1 would be that we will detect jews not only
> by observing their actions, but also the actions of their fathers
> and grandfathers etc.. and whether the corruption they enact is simply a fluke
> as in the case of the true-aryan who might become a 'business-man ie:a thug '
> or a person whose evil actions are a requirement by his belief system,
> and if his ancestors were also thugs (much like comparing a person
> who has just become an alcoholic for the first time, to a person
> whose family has been alcoholic for countless generations).
> 2) Rule #2 will be that the elimination of jewish thought will be paramount
> over the elimination of jewish blood.  It would even be useful
> to ally ourselves with these aryan-jews of the future who fight against
> jewish thought (much like the jew jesus fought against many traditional
> jewish ideas - such as turning a church into a business place to sell
> things)
> However, on an opposing side to these two rules might be the possibility
> that with their new found aryan blood and bio technologically enhanced
> genes, rather than becoming beings who can be turned to good simply by
> destroying jewish culture and ideas, it may be that adding aryan intelligence
> to these sneakiest of creatures will be an exponential fission reaction
> which will put the true-aryan at a great disadvantage because
> they will be just as smart as us if not smarter, yet also have the added
> advantage of being immensely more cunning, and regardless of morals
> than us.  Up to now , essentially this has been one of our problems, our
> 'chivalry' whereas the jew has no qualms about cheating, lying, or
> doing any amoral act he has to in order to survive.  But thankfully,
> I do not see this happening in the future, simply because the jews are in
> a great hurry to become aryan and our scientists who work for them, still
> don't really totally understand the subtleness of genes - thus
> it may be that as these jews become aryan, they will inadvertently
> also infuse themselves with genes of OUR goodness, which may quell
> some of their evil -- but i don't see it suddenly turning jews into
> good people or causing them to renounce judaism -- proof of this is that
> the nordic looking jews are just as crooked as regular jews, and
> even a real aryan is capable of evil if it is INSTILLED INTO HIM by
> a culture or belief system.  So i think it will be a mixture, and there
> will be some of these aryan jews who are good, and some who will be thoroughly
> bad.  Against the aryan-jews who renounce their evil, we ought to have no
> qualm (here again is why i think the struggle of the future , for us,
> will be against the jewish culture, and ideals more than against blood).
> ----------------------------
> However .  .  .
> there is one thing that should be made ABSOLUTELY CLEAR,
> and that is that although I have indicated that for the true aryan, the
> struggle of the future will be more against jewish ideas rather than a
> jewish race (which is really the case now in fact since most of our 'jews'
> aren't semitic at all but are in fact turko-mongoloids) this does not
> mean that our concern for OUR OWN genetic improvement will take a back seat
> WILL ALWAYS BE PARAMOUNT.  I merely state that in relation to our attentions
> as we focus them outwards, should be towards the elimination of the jewish
> culture and the jewish thought pool rather than the jewish gene pool.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Actually as i pause to reflect, i think now think that when these
> aryan-jews appear, it may also be necessary to niggerize them and
> destroy them physically as well simply for the following reason:
> the original semitic jews were evil and cunning but where not racially
> advanced or intelligent enough to conquer the world . . . however
> the khazars, whom they brainwashed, being of a higher genetic stock,
> were able to conquer the world. IE: THE COMBINATION OF JEWISH TRICKERY
> AND BETTER BLOOD IS DEADLY! now try to imagine what the jew would do
> if he was endowed with the intelligence of the aryan (right now he has
> to rely on aryan scientists, aryan creativity, to do his work for him).
> So in this sense, we will be in great danger if the jews achieve genetic
> equality with us (or even worse, surpass us).
> But on a positive note, it maybe that with higher intelligence, also
> comes a respect and an appreciation for goodness.  Is this so? is this
> why the Aryan is the most noble life form on earth? . . . . i am not
> sure, but it has already been proved that high mechanical intelligence
> or mathematical intelligence does NOT make a better world . . . just
> look at the atom bomb.  If we are lucky, though as the jews advance
> racially, maybe they will also pick up our genes for morality, and
> who knows? . . .  maybe they will become themselves the greatest fighters
> against judaism? and evil? maybe once they achieve the semi-divine
> status of the aryan they will 'see the light ' and their 'eyes will be
> opened to their nakedness and the lack of morality which clothes them '.
> This is a pleasant prospect.
> ----------------------
> In this essay i have propounded several ideas and even taken the leisure
> to write a rebuttal to it, in the spirit of the idea that no one can
> always be right all of the time (thus my friends, maybe by rebutting myself
> i ensure myself to always be right? hehe) in any case, maybe a little
> bit of all of these ideas will come true in the future but it is
> necessary that we (as aryans) not only seek to survive and improve,
> but also to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, because after all...
> what good is a world rules by Aryans rather than jews if we Aryans
> do nothing better than what the jews have done so far? Certainly an
> entire struggle would be in vain if we do conquer and succeed only to be
> as ruthless , corrupt and amoral as our former dominators. . . .
> This is something to keep in our hearts, that our goal is NOT ONLY
> to survive and racially improve but also to improve in goodness (which
> i am inclined to believe is genetic as well).  So remember that white man!
> white woman! as you awake every day to face the world!  To be a NAZI
> is not only to fight for the white race but is also to fight for
> kindness, respect, peace and all of those qualities that have made
> our race (so far) the MOST GOOD of all life forms on earth.
> finished at 2am.
> (will be revised , edited and spell checked later)
Oh , so you believe that the aryan is actually smarter on the average
than the Jew. Interesting. And From what i read i have picked up , that
you believe that the secret to the Jews succes has been thier genetic
and cultural selfish disposition. I lived next door to a Jewish family
who seemd and probably were less selfish than the average human so maybe
that is why i didn't realize this at first.

As to your fear that the jew-ARYAn hybrid will not have the "goodness
genes", i would say that they almost certainly will have the goodness
genes, unless they gentically manipulate their offspring to knock out
those genes. The only other way that the goodness genes might be stifled
in that hybrid would be if the culture that the hybrid lived in
penalized goodness and would not allow reproduction for those with
"good" genes.
Random chance however is likely to mix it up too much though for them to
knock it out, it will be many years before the human genome project is
done, they won't know which ones to know out.

Hypothetcial scenario:

What if aryans were forced to switch their children with the children of
the jews and both  races became attached to their new children and
therefore acted for the cause of their well being as each culture
dictated. What would happen with the Aryian blood-Jewish cultured
children, would they be Good or EVil? What would win out, their genes or
their culture? And how about  the same question with the Jewish
blood-aryain cultured children?

I know I showed you the following survey in another post butI am
wondering if you think that the different races of man would have
different distribution of answers to it. Tell me what you would predict.
Here it is again:
You go into this room and there are these living balloons floating at
all different levels of height. Those ballons who are exactly halfway up
from the floor to the ceiling are experincing no pain and no pleasure.
Those who are above the halfway height mark are feeling pleasure, the
higher above the more pleasurable. Those who are floting below the
halfway line are feeling pain, the lower they are, the more intense the
pain is.

The balloons do not process information or do anything useful to anyone. 

So  you read this placque on the wall and understand what is going on.
You want to take all the balloons and push them up to the ceiling and
keep them all really happy , right?

Well you can't because there are thes wires attache to the balloons
are also attached to a really complicated machine, so that moving on
ballon up might move another ballon down, or up or not move it at all.

So you play with the ballons trying to see what the mechanism will
allow.And after a while you realize that you can't remember how the
balloons were when you came in.

You want to be careful how you leave the ballons because soon you will
have to leave this room , and once you leave the room it  becomes
sealled that way for all eternity. And the ballons will feel how ever
they are feeling when you leave the room, forever and ever.

Suppose the machine only allows these three arangements for the balloons
cielingceilingceiling |   ceilingceilingceiling| ceilingceilingceilin
                      |     o          o       |                     
                      |       o     o          |                     
                      |                        |                     
                      |                        |                     
 o         o          |                        |                     
----------------halfway line-------------------halfway---------------
   o  o               |                        |                     
          o           |                        |                     
                      |           o            |                     
                      |                        |     o  o  o  o  o   
                      |                        |                     
                      |                        |                     

Well then which way would you leave them? And in this scenario god
promises not to punish you or reward you no matter which one you
choose. So don't let that affect it. 

Ask other people this question and tell me the results.

This is politics, right?

I am anxiously awaiting still. Smurft , tdraghi at voicenet.com

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