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Fergus McClelland redux at perdrix.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 25 10:13:50 EST 1997

kecutter at aol.com (KECutter) wrote:

>I'm a nerd who works as a Marketing Executive for a Fortune 50 Computer
>firm during the day.  In the evenings I like to indulge my interests in
>I want to buy a microscope.  I'll be using it to observe the very small
>(yeast cells, blood cells) and larger items (cross sections of plants and
>coffee beans). Oh yes, I'd like to connect my 35 mm SLR camera and get
>some pictures.
>Any advise on brand, model, source of supply, etc would be greatly
>Many thanks in advance for your help.

 I reprint below a response I made some months ago.

Good luck.


There have been a few posts in the past about the difficulty of doing
your own microscope work - but what is there to lose? After all, we
all have time and commitment on our side! With this in mind, I did a
little research about a year ago and recently followed it up, ending
with buying a splendid microscope at a good price. (Details, for those
interested at the end).

>        Well, from what I gather, it is.  I talked to some lab
>technicians at my medical clinic, got some elementary questions answered
>although I'm not too sure of their accuracy.  One technician told me they
>use a 400x magnification to view WBC. 

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