Postdoc or Technician Position Available

John P. Aris johnaris at anatomy.med.ufl.edu
Thu Jul 24 13:57:28 EST 1997

Postdoctoral or Research Technician Position Available

A position for a post-doctoral fellow or research technician is available
in my laboratory.  Our laboratory studies ribosome biogenesis in the
nucleolus of eukaryotic cells.  The three projects currently underway in
the lab are aimed at the identification and characterization of novel
nucleolar proteins (Nops) in budding yeast.  Two projects concern the
nucleolar proteins Nop2p and Nop57p.  Nop2p is required for large (60S)
subunit synthesis, whereas Nop57p is required for small (40S) subunit
synthesis.  Nop57p is the main focus of our efforts at this time, and is
an essential protein that appears to be required for an early pre-rRNA
processing event.  Nop57p may be associated with a small nucleolar RNA. 
The third project is aimed at developing reagents with which to identify
and investigate novel nucleolar proteins.  A number of monoclonal
antibodies have been raised and characterized by immunofluorescence
localization, western blotting, and immunoprecipitation.  These mAbs
recognize nucleolar antigens that appear to be novel based on their
molecular weights.  Our laboratory is experienced with biochemical, cell
biological, genetic, and molecular biological techniques.  These methods
are used to study novel nucleolar proteins, to elucidate their function,
and to determine their role in ribosome biogenesis.  At present, many
aspects of the inner workings of the nucleolus remain unknown.  Our
studies of nucleolar protein function hold the promise of revealing
mechanisms at work within this specialized region of the nucleus.

John P. Aris, Ph.D.
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(24 July 1997)

John P. Aris, Ph.D.
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