Coliforms? Fecal Coliforms?

ERSQUIBB ersquibb at aol.com
Thu Jul 24 00:52:42 EST 1997

Is there any definitive list of what Genera which constitute the Coliform
group?  I have seen many different definitions of a coliform (even within
a given reference).  Also, are there any defined organisms which comprise
the group known as Fecal coliforms.  I know I could do the classic
Presumptive (LTB)  and Confirmed (BGB)  gas from lactose tests, and an EC
44.5 degree test to differentiate fecal coliforms.  But these are very
functional definitions.  What if I am just running rapid ID's on my
isolates and have definitive high confidence speciations- can I categorize
them as non-coliform, coliform, and Fecal coliform just by knowing what
they are without running the previously referred to tests?


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