Coliforms? Fecal Coliforms?

Karl Roberts kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Thu Jul 24 07:19:58 EST 1997

	Generally, coliforms are enteric bacteria which may ferment
lactose rapidly and are morphologically similar to E. coli (as you already
know).  From some of my reference literature, I have been able to find
these organisms considered to be coliforms:
Escherichia coli
Enterobacter sp.
Klebsiella sp.
Citrobacter sp.
Hafnia sp.
Serratia sp.
 Fecal coliforms are generally associated with the normal flora of the GI
tract, such as E. coli, Citrobacter, and Klebsiella.  Non-coliform normal
enterics include Morganella, Providencia, Edwardsiella, and Proteus sp.
Non-coliform pathogens include Yersinia, Shigella, and Salmonella.
I hope this is helpful.
Karl J. Roberts

On 24 Jul 1997, ERSQUIBB wrote:

> Is there any definitive list of what Genera which constitute the Coliform
> group?  I have seen many different definitions of a coliform (even within
> a given reference).  Also, are there any defined organisms which comprise
> the group known as Fecal coliforms.  I know I could do the classic
> Presumptive (LTB)  and Confirmed (BGB)  gas from lactose tests, and an EC
> 44.5 degree test to differentiate fecal coliforms.  But these are very
> functional definitions.  What if I am just running rapid ID's on my
> isolates and have definitive high confidence speciations- can I categorize
> them as non-coliform, coliform, and Fecal coliform just by knowing what
> they are without running the previously referred to tests?
> E.R. 

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