DMSO vs glycerol

Thomas Urbig at biokemi.su.se
Tue Jul 22 10:04:10 EST 1997

In article <33C1186D.6672 at ucsd.edu>, britchings at ucsd.edu wrote:

> Does anyone know if DMSO (7% v/v) works as well as glycerol (20% or
> thereabouts, final concentration) for storing frozen (-80C) bacterial
> stocks (gram negative, mostly E. coli)? Thanks, Bruce
> britchings at ucsd.edu

Both methods seem to work fine from my experience. One consideration might
be the toxicity of DMSO. Another consideration might be that glcerol has a
negative effect on the competence of E.coli cells (Inoue et al, ).


Thomas Urbig
Urbig at biokemi.su.se

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