humic acide

Zhongtang Yu zyu at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Sat Jul 19 23:07:25 EST 1997

You may try to purify your DNA prep with some spun-columns, like Chroma
Spin 400 (from Clontech) or Wizard (from Promega), or Sephedax columns.

Zhongtang Yu, Ph.D.
Microbiol., UBC.

On 19 Jul 1997, =B5=A1=A4f=C3=E4=AA=BA=A4p=D7^=D7^ wrote:

> When i extracted DNA of bacteria from soil,there was a lot of humic acide
> in DNA extraction.And humic acide will affact PCR(polymerase cycle reacti=
> How should i do?Please tell me.
> thanks!
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