Chlamydia pneumoniae

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>To all:
>   Has anyone heard about a causative role for C. pneumoniae in heart
>disease?  Any knowledge about the mechanism or whether this is different
>than infective endocarditis sequellae?
>Sean, curious medical student in Ireland - 
>seanfennessy at tinet.ie

Some years ago, I attended a lecture on chlamydial infections at which
the possible link between c.pneumoniae and heart disease was mentioned. 
below is my recollection of what was said - it should be easy enough to
look up on medline

The Finnish government has apparently run a long term research project
on heart disease - this included taking serum samples from a very large
study group over a long period. Some research was done that suggested
that presence of C.pneumoniae antibodies in the serum showed the highest
correlation with heart disease - greater than cholesterol levels,
smoking and all the 'usual suspects'. It was hypothesized that a chronic
, asymptomatic lung infection would cause in increase in cytokine
activity in the blood vessels around the heart/lungs and increase the
likelyhood of arterioschlerotic plaque formation.

I believe that later studies have not shown the risk to be as high as
initially thought.

I also think some deaths amoung young orienteerers in Sweden were
initially linked to c.pneumoniae infection.
Tim Williams

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