Seminar topic?

jneufe at po-box.mcgill.ca jneufe at po-box.mcgill.ca
Thu Jul 17 20:16:02 EST 1997

I am a third year microbiology student.  I am currently enrolled in a seminar
course that requires that I present two seminars.  The first is a twenty minute
and the second is a forty minute seminar.  I gave the twenty minute one on 
the immobilization of cells and its applications in the food industry and this 
seminar went extremely well.  I am searching for a good topic for the forty minute
seminar that is applied (related to biotechnology and bioremediation) and 
more importantly, interesting!  Any suggestions as to a topic that is current,
and exciting that I might present on?
One idea I already had was the use of the sMMO enzyme in TCE degradation
but this idea was not approved as it is too closely related to my undergraduate
research project.  Some similarly interesting topic would be helpful.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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