Glowing fish!?

Nicholas Landau nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 17 09:28:26 EST 1997

Michael Adamson <s_mka1 at eduserv.its.unimelb.EDU.AU> writes:

>Last night, as I staggered through the kitchen to the bathroom at 3am, I
>noticed the leftover 3 day old batter was full of intensely glowing pieces
>several mm diameter.  This was right through the batter, and did not
>change intensity with agitation.  Then I looked at the leftover uncooked
>fish in the bin (not battered), and the whole thing was glowing strongly! 
>asked has been able to provide a definite answer.  From my own search, I
>suspect Photobacterium phosphoreum may be a likely contender. 

DId you check the possibility of Beneckea?  This is a great story,
incidentally.  I can't remember anybody reporting  eating a light
producing fish of the deep!  Perhaps the bugs will establish nodes
within you?  Soon you may have light-producing organs yourself.  If
so, you are assured a spot on Dave Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks."

If gin killed them in the fish, then it should kill the bugs in you.
Try a prevantative course of gin intake for a couple of weeks, if
you are worried.

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