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Wed Jul 16 08:15:47 EST 1997

dstec at AVIRON.COM (David Stec) writes: > >in what way is this relevent to microbiology?
> >James  Erwin
> >University of Massachusetts - Worcester Campus
> >email:James.Erwin at ummed.edu
> Mr. Ewin:  None of this is relevant to microbiology but this person not
> only posted an inappropriate message to several bulletin boards, it was
> also a  bigoted and violent attack on the gay community.  People should
> express their disgust and repulsion to this person and his message.  By not
> doing so gives tacit approval to his actions and beliefs.
Mr Erwin: People were silent throughout history when the bigots and
numbskulls gave vent to their perverted ideas.  This man Vercingetorix
has apppropriated this space I think because he knows scientists have long
been the most quiet.  He doesn't belong here, but as long as he muddies
the waves with his drivel we should do what we can to move him away
where it would be appreciated.
And, I agree, this has no relevance to microbiology.

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