David Stec dstec at AVIRON.COM
Mon Jul 14 17:18:51 EST 1997

What I don't understand is purpose for substituting the asterisk for the E
in Jewish?  What's the point?  How dumb can this guy get?

>unknown at no.where (U. N. Known) writes: > vercingetorix_ at hotmail.com writes
>lots of bullshit.
>> Let's recall the basic facts:
>> 	Jesus was not an Aryan
>> 	Jesus was a Jew
>> Thus according to his logic
>> 	Jesus was a homosexual.
>> I am sure every Christian in His Right Mind will Set Him Right.
>Well, at least this jerk-off told us he will not be spreading his genes;
>I gues his favorite tv commercial has to do with handyman.

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