Shall we moderate bionet.microbiology? Please read.

M. Latterich mlatterich at aim.salk.edu
Fri Jul 11 16:42:38 EST 1997

Dear Microbiologists,

I have recently received many complaints that there is too much noise on
our newsgroup. This noise is mainly caused by people spamming the group
with unrelated messages.

In the past I was opposed to moderating our newsgroup because this will
cause some delay in posting to the group and will take away the timeliness
of discussion. This maybe the time to reconsider. I and maybe one or two
other volunteers could perform the task of moderation and we would post
once or twice a day to the newsgroup. The moderation will probably reduce
the number of unrelated messages, but some spammers are known to succeed
to bypass the moderation process and still may be able to post.

What I want to do now is solicit your opinion as to whether we should
convert bionet.microbiology into a moderated newsgroup or leave it as is.

Could all participants please send me an e-mail with YES (for moderation)
or NO (for as is) in the subject header by July 25 to the following e-mail

mlatterich at aim.salk.edu

If you have a comment, you may wish to send me an e-mail with COMMENT
MICRO as subject header.

Thank you for your input.


Martin Latterich, Ph.D.
bionet.microbiology Discussion Leader
mlatterich at aim.salk.edu

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