DMSO vs glycerol

cyc cyc at glink.net.hk
Fri Jul 11 11:12:13 EST 1997

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, bruce ritchings wrote:

> Does anyone know if DMSO (7% v/v) works as well as glycerol (20% or
> thereabouts, final concentration) for storing frozen (-80C) bacterial
> stocks (gram negative, mostly E. coli)? Thanks, Bruce
> britchings at ucsd.edu

I think in terms of cryoprotection aspect DMSO and glycerol works equally
well.  However as you will be scraping your bacterial stock from the top
once it is frozen,  one would need to make sure that the bacteria do not
sink quickly to the bottom when you are making the stock from your
culture.  Here glycerol has the edge as it is relatively viscous in room
temperature.  Therefore hopefully your bacteria will not settle before you
have chance to snap freeze it.

We tend to use DMSO for culture cell line stocks where the whole frzen
vial is thaw out when we reurrect it.

Does any one agree with me?

C.Y. Cheung
Microbiology Research,
The University of Hong Kong.

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