DMSO vs. glycerol

REDRIVR redrivr at aol.com
Fri Jul 11 10:27:48 EST 1997

Dear Maura,

   I saw your posting re. storing fungal cultures.    We are Red River
Scientific, a small company based in Plano, Texas (near Dallas).   One
product we have available is "PROTECT."    This a an acid washed ceramic
bead with a very large surface area immersed in TSB with glycerol and a
hypotonic addative.

    You simply add your organism, drain the liquid and freeze the vial
containing the beads.  When you need to do a sub-culture, simply remove
one bead and streak it to a media plate or drop it into an appropriate
broth.  The beads cost approx. 5 cents each, and 1,250 stock cultures
takes up 39 square inches.

    Should you like literature and/or samples, please call us at (800)
862-8345 or e-mail us at REDRIVR at aol.com.

Best regards,    Jim Roberts

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