Dr. Jeremy Packer - University of Cambridge

horacio horacio at ladiac.alac.org.ar
Fri Jul 11 07:38:59 EST 1997

Dr. Jeremy Packer
Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge

	Thank you for your response.

	We need information on spirulina content of: proteins, 
carbohidrates, aminoacids, vitamins.
	Also, extractive methods for determining these materials.

	Please, send us your e-mail direction.

			Dr. J. Horacio Denari
	LADIAC S.A.			Ph: (541) 753-8262 753-6285
	Juarez 3894			Fx: (541) 753-8262 754-2808
	(1650) San Martin		e-mail: horacio at ladiac.alc.org.ar
	Provincia de Buenos Aires

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