Synthesizing amorphous FeO(OH) for iron reducers.

Nicholas Landau nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 10 09:34:15 EST 1997

Greetings, micro community.  I wonder if someone can give me a
tip on the synthesis of amorphous ferric oxyhydroxide, for the
purpose of serving as an electron acceptor for dissimilatory
iron reduction.  I have whipped up a batch of brown, mucky
iron compound by bringing a solution of 400 mM ferric chloride
up to pH 7 by adding NaOH.  Then I rinsed and centrifuged several
times, and finally filtered to get rid of most of the water.  Then
I let the filtered compound sit in an evacuated dessicator jar

The stuff is clearly still holding a fair amount of water.  I know
that heating it will result in crystallization, which would defeat
the purpose of the synthesis.  Does anyone know of a reliable way
to dry this stuff, without causing it to assume a crystalline
structure?  Most FRBs won't breath it if its crystalline.


Nick Landau
Dept. Biochemistry and Microbiology
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ  USA

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