microbiology of winemaking

Marc Roussel roussel at henri.chem.uleth.ca
Wed Jul 9 13:33:25 EST 1997

Partoune Pierre wrote:
> HELP : can someone help me to find articles or informations about:
> using of bacteria in winemaking, microbiological and biochemical
> aspects.

     I've never heard of winemaking processes involving bacteria.  It's
quite rare (as far as I know) in other alcoholic fermentations as well
when the end product is supposed to be potable.  The only exception I
can think of is Belgian beer, and the bacteria there are just whatever
airborne bacteria that happen to be around.  If there are bacterial
processes used in the winemaking industry, I would certainly be very
interested to find out about them.
     Wine is made by the action of yeast, often Saccharomyces
cerevisiae.  Yeasts are not bacteria.  The most notable difference is
that yeasts are eucaryotic while bacteria are procaryotic.  If you're
interested in the role of yeast in winemaking, the best place to start
would be "The Yeasts", a multi-volume set edited by A.H. Rose and J.S.
Harrison.  I seem to remember that several articles deal with
applications of yeast in various fermentation processes.
     I hope this is useful.

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