Job Available at University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center

Prof. Michael R. Sussman mrs at plantpath.wisc.edu
Thu Jul 3 13:08:32 EST 1997

   We are looking for an individual with a PhD in Molecular Biology or a
related field (or MS/BS with sufficient relevant experience), to manage
and supervise a core service facility devoted to DNA synthesis and
sequencing.  The applicant should have experience with automated
synthesizers and sequencers, or in the very least have experience in
manual sequencing of DNA, deep experience in DNA cloning and sequencing
strategies and great accuity for operating biochemical and
computer-operated equipment. The individual will be responsible for
supervising at least three laboratory technicians, as well as  for
interacting and assisting with individuals in hundreds of laboratories on
the UW campus, many of whom are not highly experienced  with DNA
cloning/sequencing techniques.  Thus, excellent communication and
interpersonal skills, as well as managerial and fiscal experience,  are
important aspects of the applicants qualifications.  

Minimum fulltime salary set of $35,000/year. 

Send applications to:

Prof. Michael R. Sussman
Director of the UW Biotechnology Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
425 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

email at:
FAX 608-262-6748. 

The University of Wisconsin is an equal opportunity employer.

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