LawsonSC lawsonsc at aol.com
Thu Jul 3 16:47:09 EST 1997

If you are asking about petrifilm, it is a great product.  I am a staff 
microbiologist for a processed food manufacturer and I use the E. coli 
film exclusively for coliform/E. coli testing.  One of our ther plants 
use petrifilm for yeast and mold, as well as for aerobic plate count.  
AOAC has approved the films that we use but we are not FDA regulated.

This product is very easy to use but not cheap.  The reading of these 
films are very easy but you really can only count up to 300-400 cfus's, 
so you may need to add another dilution.  You can expect to pay $0.75 
to $1.10 depending on the type of film and quanity discount.  So if you 
have a small sample load, using petrifilm exculsively is cost effective.  
But if you have a large load like I have (2500 samples a month) 
 you will have to be selective on which product to use. 

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