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Tue Jul 1 19:28:19 EST 1997

Yersinia wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Today I learned of the use of biofilm in lieu of selective/differential
> media for the purposes of testing for microorganisms. Is there anyone
> here who can give me some information as to how this is used? That is,
> instead of doing a lactose broth enrichment and then streaking on
> MacConkey or EMB to test for the presence of coliforms, how is a coliform
> biofilm used?
> Thank you for your kind assistance.
> Infectionately,
> Yersinia.

I think you are talking about Petrifilm, available from 3M. You would 
need to use a liquid sample, about 1 mL. It is not EPA approved if you 
are doing samples for water treatment or for the FDA, I have used the 
film for doing a lot of water sample of our water processing equipment. 
But if it is something that you are testing that is regulated, I wouldn't 
recommend it.  It is pretty easy to use. The coliform colonies on the 
endo show up as pink with gas and the total count on aerobic plates show 
up as red colonies.

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