Dean D Douglas ddouglas at uoguelph.ca
Thu Feb 27 18:53:01 EST 1997

With regards to the query about other carbon sources usable by SRB in 
AMD, my feelings are that several factors are involved that need to be 
looked at. While SRB are present in AMD, their activity is strictly 
regulated by the acidity and so some sort of buffering is absolutely 
necessary unless acid tolerant SRb are discovered. The carbon sources 
that you mention are large molecules that require extracellular digestion 
and SRBs are known to predominantly utilise simpler smaller molecules 
such as pyruvate, acetate and the like. AMD is not strictly an annaerobic 
environment which is also a limitation to SRB's. While the idea of SRB's 
utilising the abundant sulfate present in AMD is a good connection, there 
are several more tricky problems that arise in carrying out this idea out.
Any one else have comments?
Dean Douglas
Univ of Guelph, Canada.

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