Beyond Cloning

Rad gconrad at sprynet.com
Wed Feb 26 16:18:27 EST 1997

> Dis-regarding the politics and eugenitics, the part about using 2 sperm
> is workable, at least with mice. It seems that the nucleus of a gamate
> cell isn't all that determined about which sex it is. And if you remove
> the original nucleus from an ova and replace it with that from a sperm
> the result behaves like any other ova.
> Presumably, the pig ova is required so the pig will be able to carry it.
> I think the pig would have to have some genetic modifications first,
> though.

Ah, the first intelligent response to my post! 

The gist of my argument is that sperm carry the entire compliment of human
genes. One could say that men are COMPLETE humans. Politics, I don't give a
shit about.

Why use human sperm and female pigs? They are both cheap! Ever had a wife?
(semi seriously)


Original post:

I have long been interested in the use of genetic science to aid
in the preservation and advancement of the Aryan people in the face of
Jewish genocidal efforts against us (abortion, integration, immigration,
quotas, etc).

The news from Scotland is quite exciting. But is cloning needed? 

I feel that the prime use of genetic technology, from a pro-Aryan point of
view, should be in the mass production of white people using animals as
bearers of human fetuses.

Here's how it might work: 

A special breed of pig is created with a nine month gestation period and a
wide vaginal opening. This pig would also be supplied with human
mitochondrial DNA (if needed). Eggs from these pigs would be removed and
de-nucleated. A single sperm each from two prime Aryan males is injected
into each egg. The eggs are then implanted in the pig. Nine months later,
the pig gives birth to a dozen or so healthy Aryans.

Of course, these sperm must be sorted to increase the number of X sperm vs
Y sperm, or  males will outnumber females by 2:1 as shown:

XX   Female
XY   Male
YX   Male
YY   Nonviable

Or perhaps the individual sperm can be precisely sorted from the beginning,
giving the desired male/female ratio and avoiding the YYs altogether.

An interesting aspect of this procedure, for all you feminists out there,
is that it requires no human females at all. Though they would certainly be
employed in the raising of these new Aryans. Hopefully, they will be reared
in an environment devoid of Jewish myths (Christianity, Marxism, Feminism,
etc.) and other harmful influences. Pure education in math, science and
objective history would be stressed as well as proper English. We might
even resurrect the Aryan religion. Hail Zeus! 


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