Magnetic Effects

Christian Ammon hnok159 at mail.uni-wuerzburg.de
Wed Feb 26 13:51:44 EST 1997

Crandall wrote:
> Adam Reed wrote:
> >
> > There does seem to so question as to the effect of magnetic imaging.  Just
> > try and get an MRI on a pregnant women.  All the MRI facilities in my area
> > refuse to do one on a pregnant patient and the reason that was given was
> > that "they do not know the long term effects of the MRI."  There seems to
> > be a question as to gamma radiation being produced from the patient during
> > an MRI.
> >
> > Adam G. Reed, D.C
> Gamma radiation from magnetic field/ radiofrequency field interactions?
> How?  Perhaps you can be more specific than;  "...there seems to be a
> question..."?

In MRI You dont have any gamma-ray exposure. You have a strong magnetic 
field and gradients of magnetic field and high-frequency electro-magntic 
fields. If anyone knows more details about this topic, please let me 

yours christian ammon

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