method of choice to identify DNA bending, kinking or any other deformation?

Richard Koepsel rrk1+ at pitt.edu
Tue Feb 25 15:17:27 EST 1997

Dear Ji Hyun,
I'm not sure what you mean by deformations other than bending. 
Certianly cruciform formation is possible in the context of a longer
DNA.  As for bending we did some work with that a number of years ago
(Koepsel and Khan Science 233:1316-1318, 1986)  Some useful reference
from that general era are 1) Wu and Crothers, Nature 308:509, 1984.  2)
Zhan and Blattner  EMBO J. 4:3605, 1985.
These are gel methods but gave good results for us.  Hope this helps.

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