South African - Microbiology ?

McGilvray mcgilc at iafrica.com
Tue Feb 25 10:23:55 EST 1997

I am a High School student in South Africa (Cape Town) and I was wondering
what the difference between microbiology and biochemistry was. I have been
looking up information however it seems as though these subjects are the
same thing. What is the difference ?
I am also thinking of going into those fields of study, possibly genetics
or virology.
What sort of work do microbiologist and biochemists do ? 

I am also looking for somebody to work shadow (Watch and possibly
participate with an employee in a company or department). If any
microbiologists don't mind me work-shadowing them please reply, I am
seriosly thinking of going into those fields of study.
If you have any information please reply.
 Yours Sicerely
   Alan McGilvray

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