Magnetic Effects

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Adam Reed wrote:
> There does seem to so question as to the effect of magnetic imaging.  Just
> try and get an MRI on a pregnant women.  All the MRI facilities in my area
> refuse to do one on a pregnant patient and the reason that was given was
> that "they do not know the long term effects of the MRI."  There seems to
> be a question as to gamma radiation being produced from the patient during
> an MRI.

Pregnant women generally don't fit into the MRI magnet's tunnel.  Aside
from liability if the kid is born with palpable birth defects (10% of
all births) or later evidences physical, intellectual, or behavioral
irregularities (100% of children)... they'd be sued to the moon by
Feminists for discrimination based on girth.

Have you ever seen Andrea Dworkin?  She's about 300 lbs of leftist
lesbian squeal.

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