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Rolf Kocherhans rolfk at vetvir.unizh.ch
Tue Feb 25 09:49:26 EST 1997

Hi there

I am presently looking for molecular biologists willing to test some
programs I made aimed speeding up the daily lab work !

- This is how it works:

The programs are accessible over the WWW, no downloading is required,
all you have to do is download a free plugin program to enhance the
browser you are using (Netscape 2.x and Internet Explorer 2.x only) on
your Mac or Windows computer !

- What you have to do first:

Download the appropriate plugin program and install it on your computer,
here is the URL:


- Then connect to:


These are the programs which make your live as a molecular biologist
easier !

a. Digest Preview : this program allows you to run a virtual agarose gel
based on the nt sequence of the DNA you are cutting with appropriate
restriction enzymes. You will see the expected (calculated) bands on the
virtual agarose gel before you go to the UV box to take a picture.

b. Dilution Calculator which does all the work to dilute does x.xM
solutions standing around to the one you need. (Can‘t follow)

c. Adaptor Design: creates an adapter for ligation of an insert which
has no compatible ends.

All programs are in development stage.
I like to get your feedback !

Specially from people which use Windows computers !

Rolf Kocherhans   mailto:rolfk at vetvir.unizh.ch

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