Conference Announcement: INFECTION GENOMICS

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APRIL 1-2, 1997 

Session Chairs
Dr. Craig S. Hill, Gen-Probe, Inc.
Dr. Stephen A. Johnston, University of Texas
      Southwestern Medical Center
Dr. Peter A. Schad, National Center for Genome Resources
Dr. Richard S. Stephens, University of California, Berkeley

Additional Speakers
Dr. David S. Bailey, Pfizer Central Research
Dr. David T. Beattie, Virus Research Institute, Inc.
Dr. Patrick Dillon, Human Genome Sciences, Inc.
Dr. Ronald W. Ellis, Astra Research Center Boston
Dr. Lance Fors, Third Wave Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Richard Goold, Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Dr. Philippe Gros, McGill University
Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman, Naval Medical Research Institute
Dr. Jörgen Lönngren, ProGene Lab AB
Dr. George Natsoulis, Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Dr. Steven H. Nye, Pharmacia Biotech, Inc.
Dr. C. Kendall Stover, PathoGenesis Corporation
Dr. William E. Timberlake, ChemGenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Jean-François Tomb, The Institute for Genomic Research
Dr. Joaquim Trias, Versicor Inc.
Dr. Gerald F. Vovis, Genome Therapeutics Corporation
Dr. Terry Walker, Becton Dickinson Research Center
Dr. C. Richard Wobbe, SCRIPTGEN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Comparative Microbial Genomics Using GSDB at NCGR
Genomic Expression Analysis in Pathogenic Bacteria
PathSeq:  Microbial Genome Database
The Malaria Genome Project
Role of Nramp1 Gene in Resistance to Infectious Diseases
Sequencing and Comparative Genomics of Helicobacter Pylori Genome

Infectious Disease Diagnosis Using Strand Displacement Amplification
Transcription-Mediated Amplification for Detection of Microorganisms
Fingerprinting Viral and Bacterial Genotypes Using CFLP®
HIV-1 Drug Resistance Genotyping by DNA-Sequencing
APEX as an Analytic Chip-Based Tool for DNA Sequence Variations

Genetic Vaccines and Genomics
Applying Genomic Sequencing and Analysis to H. Pylori Vaccine
Microbial Genomics Approach for the Development of Vaccines

Treatment and Prevention Approaches Based on Chlamydia Genome 
Developing Therapeutic Products from Genomic Sequence of Pathogens
Drug Discovery Genomics
Microbial and Mammalian Genome Sequences to Validate Drug Screening 
Pathogen Genomic Regions for Infection and Drug Resistance
New Antibiotics from Combichem Libraries and Novel Targets
Targeted Genomics Approach to Antibacterials and Antifungals
Impact of Genomics on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious 

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