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Is this a joke ?  or your homework ?

Eikenella corrodens (only one species) is an organism frequently 
found in human abscesses. Cultivate on blood agar, CO2 or rather 
anaerobically at 37øC. (Slightly fastidious)

Alteromonas had 20 species, but the genus has been totally 
rearranged. A more-or-less marine organism. Cultivate on marine 
agar or nutrient agar at 5-35øC

There is no bacterium called Metallogenium. (My database does 
not cover other living creatures than bacteria).

Rahnella aquatilis is easily grown on nutrient agar at 25-35øC.
We have only examined a few strains from water, soil and urine.

Leuconostoc (used to consist of 16-18 species) and Weissella
are LAB. Cultivate on blood agar, CO2,microaerophilic,or 
anaerobic at 25-37øC. (Some are slightly fastidious)

More info at ftp.ccug.gu.se

Surely this mixture is lyophilized. You should be able to revive 
all components if you have media and conditions of incubation at 
hand. It would have been much more of a thrill if you had to 
isolate AND identify !

Good luck with your exam.


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Subject: media
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I'm a microbiology student who is having some difficulty in finding 
information on media to isolate pure cultures for Eikenella, 
Alteromonas, Metallogenium, Rahnella, & Leuconostoc from a mixed 
culture.  Any type of information such as journals, books, etc that I 
could refer to would be of great help.

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