Jim Kling jkling at nasw.org
Mon Feb 24 07:51:13 EST 1997

Hi all-

I posted a message a couple of months ago soliciting opinions for an 
article that I was writing for The Scientist ( on 
centrifuges.  That worked out so well I decided to try it again.

This time, I'm writing a similar article on molecular labeling 
systems.  The article will be a survey of products available (by no 
means complete, but hopefully representative).  I'd like to get user 
comments about:

1) What kinds of labeling systems are best suited to what kinds of 
research?  (ie, DNA sequencing, transcription studies, chromosomal 
imaging, etc).  Don't neglect to mention something because you think 
its obvious; keep in mind that the readers of these articles are often 
purchasing managers who may not be intimately familiar with research 
uses (I may not be either, for that matter).

2) What advantages and disadvantages does each labeling system have 
(ie cost, sensitivity, ease-of-use, etc).  Which of these properties 
is most important to you?  Least important?

3) Are there specific deficiencies in current labeling technology? 
(ie: It would be really great if labeling systems were capable of...)

4) What are the trends in labeling sytems?  Are there new approaches 
that are gaining popularity, older ones that are fading away?

Please respond to jkling at nasw.org, and include your full name and 
title (ie, molecular biologist, geneticist, etc) and 
university/company affiliation so I can quote you appropriately.  

Jim Kling
science/medical writing
Bellingham, WA 
jkling at pacificrim.net 

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