Very Special Lab-Animal Ventilator ( respirator)

JanCzek janczek at aol.com
Fri Feb 21 01:08:00 EST 1997

Very Special Animal Ventilator

New ventilator from Columbus Instruments allows control over each moment
of respiratory cycle. 
It is powered by stepping motor and controlled by microprocessor. Phase 
or ratio of  Inspiratory Time to Expiratory Time is adjusted in very wide
range 1:16. Pressure control protects animal  lungs  and provides PEEP (
Peek End Expiratory Pressure) control. Ventilator operates on  piston in
cylinder principle which does not require lubrication ( graphite piston in
glass cylinder). Range of tidal volumes is 0.05 ml to 100 ml.  with
frequency  adjusted in the range  5 to 200 strokes per min. All parameters
can be controlled by remote computer.
If you like more information please e-mail  your street address and I will
send you catalog.
You may also see its short description on Columbus Instruments www page
WWW.COLINST.COM in the physiology section.
Jan Czekajewski, Ph.D.
Columbus Instruments
Columbus, Ohio, USA
janczek at aol.com

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