Phage and bacterial infections

GS microHero at compuserve.com
Thu Feb 20 01:12:17 EST 1997

Teresa L. Choate wrote:
> Hello, I am a senior microbiology major at California State University and I
> am interesting in phage research.  Particularly, I would like to know if
> anyone knows of any ongoing or past research concerning the possible use of
> phage as treatment for bacterial infection.  If anyone has information on this
> type of research or where I could find this information, it would be greatly
> appreciated.  Also, if there is any information on why this may be an
> inplausible idea please let me know...thank you.
>    Teresa Choate       ntlbnklr at ix.netcom.com

Patterns of phage resistance and susceptibility have been used for years 
as a way of differentiating strains within a single species. This tends 
to suggest that phages are too specific in their mode of attack to be 
much use in the treatment of infection. You might also consider col 

You may also care to look at phages as pathogenic agents - diphtheria and 
scarlet fever toxins are both phage-coded...

Graham Shepherd
microHero at compuserve.com

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