QUESTION: Food Poisonning

Craig Graham c_graham at patrol.i-way.co.uk
Wed Feb 19 16:35:11 EST 1997

Hi, I'm posting this for my friend, so can folks reply in email to me
please as I don't usually read this group (I know nothing about
microbiology myself, I'll forward the answer to him)....


Got a late essay, you know the sort of thing, for an MSc course.  Too
many nights down the pub to put pen to paper.  Or shall I make up a 
sob story to try and get some sympathy.

Anyhow if any geeser has any info kicking around under the bed with 
that smelly pair of socks, could you please dig it out.  I need info
on the following :

Epideimology and trends in food poisoning in the uk over the past 50 

Statistics on totals of cases of food poisoning or the breakdown  of
the different types (salmonella, campylobacter etc..)

Cheers much appreciated


P.s don't send the smelly socks


What he also would like is a likely place to find them on WWW or
gopher, and I'll pull the stats down for him...

Thanks very much,

Craig Graham
c_graham at patrol.i-way.co.uk

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