Ecological roles of microbes in nature and its benefcial and harmful effects

Nicholas Landau nlandau at eden.rutgers.edu
Wed Feb 19 10:44:42 EST 1997

"MARTIN LEE" <sarasate at hkstar.com> writes:

>I'm a Hong Kong student. I'm now writing an essay and want to receive the
>following information:
>	1) Describe the ecological roles of microbes in nature.
>	2) How can theseroles be exploited by man?
>	3) Discuss the benefcial and harmful consequences of sush exploitation by
>Any advice is appreciated. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
>							MARTIN LEE
>							<sarasate at hkstar.com>

This subject has filled many books.  To get started, I recommend
the intro text by Ron Atlas and Richard Bartha entitled "Microbial
Ecology."  It is very well written, and covers a wide variety of
topics at a level easily understood by the college-level student
of biology, even one without a background in microbiology.

Have fun.

--Nick Landau

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