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Dr Martin Goldberg mdg at leicester.ac.uk
Wed Feb 19 12:48:06 EST 1997

>Subject: Stability of lacZ message in minimal medium

>Date: 18 Feb 1997 19:35:47 -0800

>We have had some difficulty recovering lacZ RNA from cells grown
>in minimal medium. Our control message (Omp) is fine and we have no
>problem seeing lacZ message in complex medium. We can even get decent
>(although low) enzyme activity from minimal medium. Could anybody
>direct me toward a paper that reviews stability of this message? Any
>other suggestions?

>Thanks in advance.


Firstly, I presume this is not lacZ fused to some other promoter. In
your minimal medium, are you adding glucose or lactose? If you are
adding glucose, the levels of lacZ transcript will be very low due to
catabolite repression. Try adding IPTG to the medium. That should give
you stong induction.
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