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And then there is the Microtox assay (luminecence based, luciferase) which is
used in Pseudomonas fluorescens. Search author G.Paton, K. Killham

Cant remember more off hand, but if you have problems, drop me a line!


Forday Wayne Lee (fwl at np.ac.sg) wrote:
: You have to be careful with the fluorescein produced by Pseudomonads. The
: degree of fluoresence of extracts will drop dramatically up addition of
: iron. (Try it).

: There is a company in the US that produces a photobacterium based assay for
: pollutants. 

: In article <2EDD5B203F0 at server1.rtc-athlone.ie>,
: >Hi there,
: >            I am currently working with Pseudomonas fluorescens as 
: >part of my Master's Degree research. My objective is to test a chemical on 
: >the bacteria using  the decrease in fluorescence as a measure of 
: >toxic response. Has anyone performed this test procedure as i would 
: >love to hear from them and would be extremely grateful if anyone 
: >could recommend some literature to read up on this subject. I also 
: >envisage using  the marine photobacteria - Photobacterium 
: >phosphorens, so any info. on this would be also welcome.
: >
: >
: >   Thanks in advance,
: >    
: >
: >  Maria Davoren.
: >  Toxicology Unit,
: >  Athlone RTC,
: >  Co. Westmeath, Ireland.
: >  mdavoren at server1.rtc-athlone.ie

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