Phage and bacterial infections

Daniel Larrimore dlarrimo at indiana.edu
Tue Feb 18 00:34:45 EST 1997

Teresa L. Choate (ntlbnklr at ix.netcom.com) wrote:
> Hello, I am a senior microbiology major at California State University and I
> am interesting in phage research.  Particularly, I would like to know if
> anyone knows of any ongoing or past research concerning the possible use of
> phage as treatment for bacterial infection.  If anyone has information on this
> type of research or where I could find this information, it would be greatly
> appreciated.  Also, if there is any information on why this may be an
> inplausible idea please let me know...thank you.
>    Teresa Choate       ntlbnklr at ix.netcom.com
This is a very old idea that has no practical use.  Work done in the 1940s 
showed that bacterial quickly become resistant to phage infection.  This 
can even be demonstrated by small colonies which develop inside plaques on 
a lawn of bacteria.  
						Dan Larrimore

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