largest cell on Earth?

c.boord at microbiology.unimelb.edu.au c.boord at microbiology.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Feb 17 17:33:08 EST 1997

>Kevin Shreder <kshreder at znet.com> wrote:
>>Does anyone know what the largest cell on Earth is?  Is it an ovum, nerve
>>cell or a microbe?
>>Also what species does it belong to?
>Dear Kevin,
>How about an unfertilized chicken egg?  The whole thing is
>one single cell, ain't it?
>If you want a picture of a largest bacterium
>dig out old National Geographic magazine.
>I remember seeing it - may be last year or so.
>Hope my 2 cents helps.

But an Ostrich egg is bigger........=)

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