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Mon Feb 17 11:15:32 EST 1997

Neal Machtiger (neal_m at ix.netcom.com) wrote:
:>To whom it may concern
:>My name is Patty McDowell and I'm a Senior at Kettering Fairmont H.S. in
:>Dayton, OH.  I'm doing my research paper on Microbiology.  I was wondering
:>if you could please send me some information.  I'm hoping to go into this
:>field, so this information could relly help me.  My address is


: I am sure that you will get some help here. However, fisrt you really
: must be more specific. What you are asking is equvalent to asking for
: some information about LIFE. too broad.

: I would suggest that you formulate some very specific questions, then
: post them here.

Sound advice. I also think that it is a stunningly bad idea to broadcast 
your home address on a public forum, even if you are not paranoid :)

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