Radio/TV guests needed

John Leslie 74740.247 at CompuServe.COM
Sun Feb 16 14:18:13 EST 1997

Millions of people will hear you discuss your business, product, 
corporation, interest, hobby, religious or scientific view, web 
page or political opionion on radio and television stations all 
over the world.  Each week, "World Radio Inc." distributes a list 
of names of people and companies willing to appear "on the air" to 
hundreds of local and network radio and television stations.  
Producers and hosts of talk and interview shows are frantic to 
find people who can discuss every aspect of life, business, 
politics, life styles, science, technology and leasure time.  
Included on our distribution list ar programs like "Larry King 
Live" "Oprah" "Sally Jesse Raphael" and many others.  It is sent 
to "The Radio Television News Directions Association" "The 
National Association of Talk Show Hosts" "Talkers Magazine" "The 
National Association of Broadcasters" "CBS" "NBC" "ABC" "CNN" as 
well as hundreds of local radio and television stations 
nationwide.  The list is called "Media GuestNet" and is also sent 
provided weekly to broadcast stations and networks all over 
eastern and western Europe.  We have an exclusive contract with 
the english speaking Russian National Radio System.  This could be 
your chance to tell millions of people about your product or area 
of expertise. For more information please send e-mail to 
jleslie at spectra.net as soon as possible. We also produce and 
syndicate "World Radio Saturday, "World Radio News".

Jan L Kokochak

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