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>did anyone hear about a canadian manufacturer of plated culture media,
>which would realize "all-in-one" plates, i.e plates incorporating different
>culture media (up to 6), plus a specific system generating a particular 
>atmosphere inside the plate? any info would be greatly appreciated.
>thks and regards.

A range of all-in-one plates ae available from a FRENCH manufacturer
I.B.S. Diagnostic.

Several products are available:

IBS Kit -for Genitourinary tract. 
5 agars in one plate Includes selective agars to cover:
Staphylococci; Candida albicans; E.coli; Streptococci; Haemophilus
influenzae and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Features CO2 generation within
the in plate.

Coprokit-2 Bacterial faecal culture
6 agars in one plate . Covres: Staph.aureus; Candida albicans; E.coli;
Salmonella (Rambach agar) Yersinia; Shigella sonnei.

Campylokit 6 agars in one plate.
Campylobacter; Yersinia enterocolitica; Staph.aureus; Pseudomonas
aeruginosa;  Salmonella/E.coli/Proteus (Rambach agar).

I do not know if these products are avaialble through U.S.
distributors. For full  product details and availability I recommend
you contact the manufacturer direct:

I.B.S. Diagnostic
B.P. 1347-13784 Aubagne
Tel: +33-42 72 63 63   Fax: +33 42 84 31 40

Contact: Sabine Cordier - Export Manager

I hope this information proves to be of help.
Martin London  M-Tech Diagnostics Ltd.
Warrington United Kingdom

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