catalase neg staph?

Daniel Larrimore dlarrimo at indiana.edu
Thu Feb 13 18:55:36 EST 1997

san3352 at aol.com wrote:
> Did you test for S. agalactiae?  My Micro Lab book says S. agalactiae is a
> group B strep, Catlase neg., beta hemolysis.  It recommends a CAMP test:
> pos, or hippurate hydrolysis: pos.  Also says S. agalactiae is not
> (usually) sensitive to bacitracin and is resistant to SXT.  It is found in
> the genital and intestinal tracts of humans.
> Hope this is helpful.  I just finished an undergrad Micro course.

I would recommend a wet mount.  Often when gram-staining strep, it can 
look like staph.  

						Dan Larrimore

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