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POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available immediately for recent PhD to study
     the regulation of DNA replication in the context of cell-cycle
     control. Studies include cloning and characterization of potential
     regulators at the G1/S transition in mammalian system.  The G1/S
     transition checkpoint is a newly-defined, p53-independent control
     mechanism PNAS, In Press). Unlike the p53-mediated G1 checkpoint, the
     G1/S checkpoint responds rapidly to a radiation challenge, suggesting
     that it may be a major damage- sensing mechanism connecting the
     cell-cycle engine, DNA replication machinery, and damage-sensing and
     repair pathways. The identification of the G1/S checkpoint and the
     S-phase damage sensing pathway (MCB14, 1901) is very exciting since
     further studies of these control mechanisms may provide us a
     tremendous insight into developing novel ways to combat cancers. I am
     in the process of isolating factors involving in these control
     mechanisms. Experience with yeast genetics, construction of cDNA
     library, radiation, FACS, western blot, and immunoprecipitation will
     be a definite advantage. Interested individuals are invited to submit
     CV and arrange three letters of reference to Dr. Hoyun Lee, Tumor
     Biology Group, Northeastern Ontario Cancer Centre, 41 Ramsey Lake
     road, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 5J1. FAX, (705) 523-7326. E- mail,
     hoyunlee at octrf.on.ca

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