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GS microHero at compuserve.com
Fri Feb 14 00:10:06 EST 1997

Eric Strauss wrote:
> I am trying to get total C.albicans counts from unstimulated saliva of
> HIV+ people.
> I have picked those with slight to strong evidance of white oral
> candiosis leasions. My problem is that simple dilutions in saline are
> showing unexpectadly low counts (<10 to 3), shouldn't we be seeing at
> least 10 to 5  or 10 to 7? Our SDA plates with antibiotics have checked
> out suitable and the dilution scheme is simple, any ideas on why the low
> counts?
> Any help would be appreciated
> Eric
> ppl_eric at netvision.net.il

What leads you to expect these counts from saliva samples? Have you 
looked at microscopic wet films of undiluted saliva? You shouldn't need 
antibiotics if you are using Sabouraud agar, the pH is usually enough. 
The dilution should counter the fact that saliva is alkaline. It would be 
useful to verify by direct isolation of the organism from the lesions 
that they are candidosis lesions. Have you tried using a non-selective 
medium? You may also find that extending the incubation of the plates 
up to 72 hours if you're not already doing it may give you higher counts. 

good luck

Graham Shepherd
microHero at compuserve.com

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