rDNA Techniques Workshop

Mr. Ken Carter kcarter at umbc.edu
Wed Feb 12 15:27:37 EST 1997

			American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
			April 14-18, 1997, Rockville, MD

This five-day, laboratory-intensive, course covers up-to-date recombinant
DNA procedures and methodologies both in theory and in practice. This
workshop provides introductory and intermediate level instruction in
recombinant DNA laboratory techniques. A basic knowledge of nucleic acids
is helpful but not necessary.

Lecture topics will include Molecular Cloning, Enzymes, Vectors, E. coli
Host Genotypes, Library Construction, Nucleic Acid Sequencing, Restriction
Mapping, Probes and PCR, Synthesis and Cloning of cDNA.

Laboratory sessions will include three simultaneous experiments;
characterizing and subcloning a DNA fragment and constructing a eukaryotic
genomic library in lambda phage.

   1.DNA Characterization: restriction digest/mapping of a selected
plasmid, fragment size and number determined by horizontal agarose
gel-electrophoresis, DNA transfer to a nylon transfer matrix, probe
selection, nick translation of probe with labelled dNTP and
characterization of DNA fragments by Southern blot analysis. 

   2.Subcloning of a DNA Fragment: vector digestion to completion,
isolation of DNA fragment by preparative restriction digest, fragment size
determination by horizontal gel-electrophoresis, DNA extraction from
agarose gel, vector insert ligation, screening for transformants by colony
hybridization and analysis of plasmid DNA (miniscreens). 
  3.Construction of a Genomic Library; isolation of eukaryotic genomic
DNA, digestion, ligation, in vitro packaging, plating bacteria, assays of
packaged phage and screening by plaque hybridization. 

Approximately 75% of the course is devoted to laboratory instruction while
25% is lecture-oriented. An intensive manual with protocols and procedures
is provided for each participant.

Faculty: William Nierman, Ph.D. (Workshop Director), Director, ATCC
Program in Molecular Biology and Virology; Donna Maglott, Ph.D., Assoc.
Staff Scientist; Tamara Feldblyum, M.S., Collection Scientist. Also, Ramon
Jordan, Ph.D., Research Plant Pathologist/Virologist, United States
Department of Agriculture.

Limited to 25 participants
FEE: $1,395.00 
**For a full schedule and on-line registration, please visit our Web site:

**Or request a brochure, which includes a full schedule and registration
form from: kcarter at atcc.org

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