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Jim Copeland jamcop at bright.net
Wed Feb 12 01:06:59 EST 1997

P. Cantin wrote:
> I heard about a system called Oryrase designed to cultivate anaerobic
> bacteria on plated media.  This enzymatic system removes oxygen from a
> special Petri dish.  You can probably find info on the WWW with oxyrase as
> key word.  I don't know if it's a canadian company that makes it and wich
> medium can be used.  Hope these info will be usefull.
> Phil
Hi Phil:

The name of the company that supplies reagents and media for growing
anaerobes is:
			Oxyrase, Inc.
			P.O. Box 1345
			Mansfield, OH 44901
			Voice: (419) 589-8800
			Fax:   (419) 589-9919

Oxyrase is an enzyme system that selectively and effectively removes
oxygen from bacteriological media. Oxyrase allows one to work without
jars or bags and to incubate cultures in a standard, aerobic incubator.
Products are available for broth and agar. For surface plating, a
special dish (OxyDish) is needed. For pour plating, a standard culture
dish can be used.

If you would like more information you can contact me by email
(jamcop at worldnet.att.net) or at the above location.

Best regards.

Jim Copeland

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